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Brittany: three dogs open a tap and create a flood
With its 1001 expressions, this Great Dane is a real clown and will make you die of laughter!
The cat mother and the baby Huskies (Video of the day)
In China, a city forbidden to have more than one dog per household
10 Secrets revealed on the film Trésor
Preparing for the arrival of the puppy at home

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Rescued with abuse, Ludwik the guinea pig now leads a life of star! Rodents

Rescued with abuse, Ludwik the guinea pig now leads a life of star!

Saved from a disreputable pet store and cured of many diseases, Ludwik lives since surrounded by the love of his loved ones and quickly became a darling of Instagram

Being a star has many advantages... Ludwik, guinea pig Baldwin and star of Instagram leads a life of Pasha . His life is divided into three parts: sleeping, eating and posing naked or dressed in his tailor-made clo

The purr of the cat, an incomparable drug Cats

The purr of the cat, an incomparable drug

Our animals do us good, it's no secret. Their presence alone is good for our morale and health, and they can sometimes act like real drugs.

> Pets and their health benefits

Cats, for example, have one incomparable soothing power . Their purring acts on us as the best anxiolytics.

"A drug with no side effect"

Veterinarian practicing in Toulouse, Jean-Yves Gauchet constantly extols the benefits of " purring therapy

Victim of Hurricane Sandy, a dog rescued within hours of his euthanasia Dogs

Victim of Hurricane Sandy, a dog rescued within hours of his euthanasia

If we say cats they have 9 lives , Buster the dog can also boast of having known several!

Promised for euthanasia

Disappeared during the passage of the devastating hurricane Sandy in New York, the animal was collected in a shelter, as hundreds of other dogs and cats. Destined to die there, the Rhodesian Ridgeback crossed Berger was saved only a few hours before the scheduled time of his euthanasia .

This is thanks to the Facebook page created by

A bulldog with style (Video of the day) Dogs

A bulldog with style (Video of the day)

When we see him swing his head from left to right in rhythm with his master, quietly slumped at the bottom of the sofa, we say that Pinga the French Bulldog does not really remind you of the famous

dog who shakes his head on the beach of cars, parked on a beach, on vacation? We go away!

Pinga the Bulldog

simply proves that mimicry is the dog's own. Moreover, it is mimicry that is at the origin of the dog's smile. And what does it matter if he do

Rich businessman offers $ 250,000 to an abandoned animal shelter Dogs

Rich businessman offers $ 250,000 to an abandoned animal shelter

The dog shelter in Morrow County (USA) received a substantial donation from a friend of the animals who wished to remain anonymous, not wishing to gain glory from his act . The money donated to the shelter has been more than welcome, giving the volunteers a lot of hope for the future.

The shelter regularly faces critical situations. Located in a low-lying area, it has already been flooded several times. In addition to greatly da

A cinema will organize a projection accessible to the dogs! Dogs

A cinema will organize a projection accessible to the dogs!

The Roxie Theater in San Francisco will organize a completely woof session on March 19, which all dogs will be able to attend!

Difficult to enjoy a movie session when you have to leave your dog alone at home. You see him making his beaten dog's head when he looks at you helpless, take your things and slam the door? Yes, you can feel

to remedy this. The San Francisco Roxie Theater has found the solution: Allow Dogs at Exceptional Screening

Dog Dogs

Dog "de-stressing"

The pet plays the role of a natural antistress thanks to an almost unlimited desire to play, to amuse and divert attention to his jokes, especially when he is young. Dr. Karen Allen has attempted to demonstrate this hypothesis by measuring the heart rate and systolic blood pressure of people in various stress situations, either in the presence of an animal, in front of the spouse, or alone.

Results show a decrease of the two criteria when the animal is present during the mental calculat

When an adorable little boy shares his snack with his dog friend (Video of the day) Dogs

When an adorable little boy shares his snack with his dog friend (Video of the day)

As true as the dog is man's best friend, he is also an ally of choice for children. Together, they form beautiful duets... who do not hesitate to share everything!

Allowing a child to grow up with a dog is possibly the best gift his parents can give him. It must be said that the animal will soon become for the toddler a friend with many benefits: he will empower him, comfort him... and be his accomplice every day. We want to prove this adorable duo sharing snacks!


This is the very first piano created for the ears of cats... and against censorship!

It is proved that animals are also sensitive to music, and this one can, as for us, have on they have soothing and relaxing virtues. Maid while our hearing is limited to 20 000 Hz, that of cats can capture frequencies reaching about 64 000 Hz. A team composed of veterinarians, artists and scientists then worked on the design of a piano that when connected to an iPad, converts the frequencies to fit the cat's ear .

The very complex hearing of cats allows them to detect

A cat weighing 18 kilos at 2 years abandoned by his mistress

Some masters love their cat to such an extent that they do not realize that they are putting their lives in danger

Unsuitable food , leftover meals, treats... All these attentions for " can actually make seriously ill and prematurely die

A cat 2 weighs an average of 5 kilos , but a woman 87 living in the state of New Mexico in the USA took no precaution

Kittens rescued by firefighters in a fire

A firefighter from the Turlock Brigade in California can today boast of having saved four kittens during a fire that consumed their home

On Monday, May 2nd, the Turlock Brigade intervened with Californian inhabitants. One of the firefighters who carries out his missions with a camera on his helmet filmed a very moving scene!

Very brave, the savior first destroyed the portal in the flames in order to access the interior of the house . Once the fire was under control, the fir

His cat disappears, he calls for solidarity and organizes a march to find him

A month ago, a Calaisian was mugged at home and during the fight, his feline has fled. Since then, everything is put in work by the young man to try to find him.

Gipsy the cat remains untraceable. On November 4, Pierre-Antoine Vanderlynden was attacked at his home in Calais-Nord, reported North Coast . An event that was as shocking for the young man as for his little ball of hair: "It was swung a keyboard to go away," he said. effect entrusted. Fea

When cats meet a very friendly fox

While they were looking out the window, like two simply curious cats, the cats Jimmy and Sammy were not expecting to find right under their eyes, a drowsy fox . Perhaps he felt observed, because the canine quickly woke up. Then there was a scene worthy of a Disney cartoon!

" The fox was snuggled against my front door, the foxes are normally nocturnal and they flee if they spot. I sat there for a while with this fox and two of my cats, Jimmy and sammy. I

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According to you, is rabies still a danger in France? (The question AllCreatureAnimalClinic / RMC)

Be at the rendezvous Sunday morning on RMC , from 6am to 8am, for listen to the show Your Pets!
Laetitia Barlerin, François Sorel and their guests will be interested in several topics. They will talk about the slaughter of the deer, they will come back on the story of this puppy snatched from a homeless by an association of animal protection in Paris, and they will also talk about rabies ...

September 28 last was indeed World Rabies Day. Hav

The dog from the movie "My Dog's Lives" would not have been abused during filming

The American Humane Association, the body responsible for ensuring the proper treatment of animals during film shoots in the United States, has made its findings at the end of an investigation: the dog that a video showed drowning would not have been abused during the filming.

Made public by the site TMZ in January, the video of a German Shepherd forced to go into a tumultuous water for the needs of a scene of My dog's lives had caused scandal. In this video, we coul

The active defense due to the dog's inability to flee

Fear is an innate state of mind for all living beings: without fear, there would be no no knowledge of the danger, so that this feeling becomes fundamental for survival. Under normal conditions, however, the first reaction to a feeling of fear is to flee: when fear triggers an aggressive reaction (which it would be more correct to call active defense), it is often only because the escape

It was once thought that a watchdog should be attached to a chain, preferably short, because there w

She finds her dog stolen 8 years after her disappearance

Lashena Harris had long since lost hope of seeing her beloved dog, Fatcat, one day. Eight years ago, the female Bulldog was stolen while she was in the garden of her house . She was then two years old and lived in Memphis, in the Tennessee, with her mistress, more than 2000 kilometers from the city where Lashena now lives. The young woman has indeed moved to Arizona a few years ago.

Exploited and abused for 8 years?

But a few weeks ago, the mistress of Fatca

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After the hell of the labs, a happy ending for these mice and rabbits

They knew only the worst of the Humanity. But thanks to the talent of an Italian photographer who officiates as a volunteer in the refuge that saved them, these rodents and other lagomorphs see again a future where only the best is possible...

Their life before freedom? The labs, their tests and their cruelty. Before being rescued and made safe by La Collina dei Conigli, these rabbits, rats, mice and guinea pigs indeed underwent the experiments of the Man. Today out of the