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Hundreds of people attend the funeral of cat Tama in Japan
This cat who plays with her kitten is the cutest thing of the day (Video of the day)
This dog has the most cute of reactions when its human whistles (Video of the day)
A dog waits for his family on the road for 13 days after a car accident
A policeman rescues a little kitten, he steals the heart of the whole brigade
The happiest dogs in the world (Video of the day)

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Stevie, the blind cat who likes to climb mountains with his human (Video of the day) Cats

Stevie, the blind cat who likes to climb mountains with his human (Video of the day)

" Some cats have mustaches Others are famous because they are grumbling, some can even play the keyboard and some make money just because they are cute My cat does not do any of this "said Patrick Corr in a video paying tribute to his cat

But Stevie, a beautiful blind cat , is nonetheless an exceptional being in his eyes. She, because Stevie is a female, loves to walk in nature alongside her human, with whom she seems to have forged a very special relationship.

Adorable! A cat adopts... a piglet! (Video of the day) Cats

Adorable! A cat adopts... a piglet! (Video of the day)

It is not rare to see dogs or cats adopt orphaned animals. A few days ago, we told you the story of a wandering bitch who took a small abandoned kitten under her wing...

But this time it's a little more surprising family that made us crack. In Romania, a cat became the adoptive mother... of a piglet !

After giving birth to a litter of 4 kittens , she simply decided to take care of a 5th baby! Cat or pig, whatever! Animals do not make differen

Lux, the cat who terrorizes his family: what do behaviorists think? Cats

Lux, the cat who terrorizes his family: what do behaviorists think?

A few days ago, Lux cat has become a real star. In the four corners of the world, the media told the story of this big cat who terrorized his family to the point that it locked itself in a room and called the police to the rescue.

The case of this cat becomes dangerously aggressive calls on animal friends, including the famous behaviorist Jackson Galaxy, who has his own television show on Animal Planet , My Cat From Hell (My cat from hell) <

Check out the Grumpy Cat Movie Trailer Cats

Check out the Grumpy Cat Movie Trailer

We announced it last summer, the most grumpy cat of the web, if not the most famous, will be at Christmas the hero of a family comedy: Grumpy Cat's Christmas Worst Ever ( Grumpy Cat's worst Christmas) . Promised thing, thing due! The long-awaited film of admirers - the ever-heady kitten is ready to land in the small American skylights.

And to keep Grumpy fans, Tardar Sauce, from his real name Lifetime has just released t

An abandoned dog sings that he will survive... (Video of the day) Dogs

An abandoned dog sings that he will survive... (Video of the day)

Attached to a chain , Baxter decides to free himself and look for a home that will love him. This dog finds himself with lots of abandoned animals, dogs, cats, rabbits, living in the street... It's singing the famous title of Gloria Gaynor I Will Survive that this poor beast crosses the night... until a little girl opens his door and his arms.

If a singing dog is obviously a fiction, what he saw in this video is the sad reality

Rémi Gaillard wants to create his association and festival of the animal cause Dogs

Rémi Gaillard wants to create his association and festival of the animal cause

Still in conflict with the Montpellier SPA, Youtubeur Rémi Gaillard now has a much more specific project: to create his animal protection association and even a dedicated event to the cause.

Although the independent Montpellier SPA wishes to close the controversy, for Rémi Gaillard, it is too late. Determined to let go of the refuge where he had locked himself up for four days, - to reap more than 200,000 euros and to adopt 160 animals - he has a new project that reveals

Saved kitten, it reciprocates with its hero growing Cats

Saved kitten, it reciprocates with its hero growing

The story that binds Scout, the cat with the tabby dress torn from a garbage can, to his hero is still foreign to you. And yet, she will move you a lot...

Early in the morning, as he was going to work a few months ago, a man had an unexpected gesture for a poor little soul in distress. Indeed, passing by a garbage can, he heard heartrending cries. Shouts that, although not knowing what he was about to fall on, prompted him to immediately jump into the dumpster to rescue the one w

The first cat that arrived in this refuge refuses to leave because he feels good Cats

The first cat that arrived in this refuge refuses to leave because he feels good

cats, shelter, rescue

Norman was welcomed by the RSPCA of Canterbury as soon as it opened in 2012. He has never left since since he decided he found there his home and his family The painting of the RSPCA shelter in Canterbury had just dried and its doors opened when the first protégé of the association arrived. Norman


Pierre-Ambroise Bosse, ready to make his cat an Internet star

Present Saturday, August 27, at the Diamond League meeting of the Stade de France (Paris), the - become famous - cat of the athlete is now illustrated... on Instagram.

"I would like to say a word to my cat. I know you were hoping better. You told me to make a medal, I did not do it, I'm sorry. That's what you'll do. You'll get off this couch. You'll go to the fridge, open the door. You're going to open a beer and drink it dry for me. " It's with these words that th

Tell me if you have a dog or a cat, I will tell you for whom you vote

The information site has surveyed its readers to better understand the cleavages of the election campaign. The results show in any case that dog owners and cats are more... left!

But for whom do the owners of dogs and cats vote? If we know well the eternal cleavage between the dog team and the team cat, it appears, according to the survey , that for once, the two camps get along about politics. The l

A grandma sentenced for throwing a cat out of her balcony

A 73-year-old woman was sentenced by the Strasbourg Criminal Court for cruelty to an animal

1000 euros fine : such is the meager sentence to which was sentenced a resident of Illkirch-Graffenstaden (Bas-Rhin), this Friday. The 73-year-old woman threw a cat from her balcony, located at the th floor last June.

Seriously injured after his fall, the poor cat must have been euthanized . He was only 8 months old and his name was

Switzerland: towards a systematic sterilization of stray cats

In Switzerland, a Genevan elected has just deposited a petition in which he asks that all stray cats are sterilized .

Indeed, the country faces a population of cats abandoned unmanageable . to roam the streets...

Despised cats

The living conditions of these stray cats are worrying many Swiss volunteers. Left to their own devices, these animals struggle to survi

He invents an absolutely great concept for his cat (Video)

A beautiful object that your cat should love.

Jeff Faye and his family live in Chicago with their four-year-old cat named Stanley, whom they adopted in a shelter.

Family life in a big city can be noisy and eventful. Everyone, including Stanley, needs a place to take time for himself from time to time. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find room for everyone. That's why Jeff Faye had a genius idea: create a library that would serve both masters ! A

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When an abandoned paraplegic dog meets his guardian angel

What a touching story that of Meagan and her dog Leo. A few months ago, this young Canadian went to Thailand for the holidays. And the memory that she brought back with her from this magnificent journey is much more beautiful than anything she could have imagined .

A heartbreaking encounter

As she wandered on A beach, Meagan felt her heart break when she saw a young dog dragging on the sand. The animal could not use its visibly paralyzed hind legs. Covered w

When Dancing Dogs Go Harlem Shake (Video of the Day)

Do you know the Harlem Shake, this new phenomenon that is raging on the web?

The concept: a person dances, alone, in a totally crazy way, and preferably with a disguise on the title Harlem Shake of the American DJ Bauuer, before to be joined by a whole group starting to dance just as wacky

And now the dogs start , for our biggest pleasure, of course!

Watch out for your eyes and ears: this video will surely make you very hap

Should the dog of the Spanish woman with Ebola be euthanized? (The question AllCreatureAnimalClinic / RMC)

On Sunday, Your Pets out of RMC will look into a subject that has unleashed the passions in recent hours around the world. While Exalibur, the dog of the Spanish health care worker infected with the Ebola virus, was euthanized by order of the health authorities, Latetitia Barlerin, François Sorel and their guests will talk about epidemics and the slaughter of animals often in such situations

When two adorable shelter dogs adopt two orphaned

It's a great story of the day and it comes straight from Australia. Two dogs adopted by the local shelter officials took under their feet two new residents, at least astonishing: the little ducks

Penguin and Popinjay. These two little names may not speak to you yet but soon, they will be on all lips. And for good reason: these are the surnames worn by two ducklings, recently welcomed by Pikelet and Patty Cakes, two formerly stray dogs who have been adopted by an animal welfare or

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After the hell of the labs, a happy ending for these mice and rabbits

They knew only the worst of the Humanity. But thanks to the talent of an Italian photographer who officiates as a volunteer in the refuge that saved them, these rodents and other lagomorphs see again a future where only the best is possible...

Their life before freedom? The labs, their tests and their cruelty. Before being rescued and made safe by La Collina dei Conigli, these rabbits, rats, mice and guinea pigs indeed underwent the experiments of the Man. Today out of the