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When a cat apologizes to another cat (Video of the day) Cats

When a cat apologizes to another cat (Video of the day)

But what could have happened between these two cats? One has obviously hurt (much trouble) to the other, who hurt and unhappy turns his back on him and refuses to listen to his excuses.
Has he eaten his croquettes? Did he wake up during his nap? Worse yet, betrayed him by making a friend-friend with a dog ?

We will certainly never know the truth...

But one thing is certain, the left cat does not intend to let his friend make his head any longer.


Rémi Gaillard wants to create his association and festival of the animal cause Dogs

Rémi Gaillard wants to create his association and festival of the animal cause

Still in conflict with the Montpellier SPA, Youtubeur Rémi Gaillard now has a much more specific project: to create his animal protection association and even a dedicated event to the cause.

Although the independent Montpellier SPA wishes to close the controversy, for Rémi Gaillard, it is too late. Determined to let go of the refuge where he had locked himself up for four days, - to reap more than 200,000 euros and to adopt 160 animals - he has a new project that reveals

A dog is savagely cut truffles, tails and ears: internet users track down the culprit Dogs

A dog is savagely cut truffles, tails and ears: internet users track down the culprit

A US animal welfare association saved a dog from the street with cut ears, tail and truffle. The culprit is actively sought.

When volunteers from the Michigan Humane Society's American animal welfare association found this seriously wounded Rottweiler wandering the streets of Detroit, they did not come back: in front of them was a mutilated dog whose ears, tail and truffle had been cut . His paws, too, had nicks. Without a doubt, this dog named Baron had been a

This dog looks up at the sky, when his masters understand why they burst out laughing (Video) Dogs

This dog looks up at the sky, when his masters understand why they burst out laughing (Video)

She no longer left the sky with your eyes!

Some dogs make us die of laughter. This is the case of Blue, an adorable bitch who is the star of a video that begins to talk a lot about her .

On a beautiful evening, Blue goes out in the garden of his house with his master to play ball. So far, nothing extraordinary. His human throws him the ball several times, then does what everyone does at one time or another: he pretends to throw the ball, but actually keep

Beat box dogs! Dogs

Beat box dogs!

Dogs like rap, and especially the Beat box. You know, it's rhythmic music that you only do with your mouth.

They love, but they're good too. Sometimes even more than some men. In any case, between the Basset Hound, who thinks he is a star dog and the second in duet with his friend the cat, you will love the Beat box... dog version. That's for sure, dogs have the rhythm in their hair!

No, your cat is not a stuffed animal, but a dangerous cat! Cats

No, your cat is not a stuffed animal, but a dangerous cat!

Since yesterday, we can read everywhere that our little cats adored have, as we had feared for a long time, well and truly intention to kill us. And the media to quote a study of the most serious on the subject to support their writings.
But what is it really? The researchers at the Bronx Zoo and the Scottish University of Edinburgh concluded that they have been studying the common traits of our domestic felines, the Scottish wildcat, the clouded leopard, the snow leop

Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik mourners: Prada, the cat they adopted together, died Cats

Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik mourners: Prada, the cat they adopted together, died

It's a good sad news announced last January 23rd the singer of the band Little Mix: the cat she had been guarding since her separation from Zayn Malik is no longer...

At the end of 2015, it's overnight after four years of romance that the former member of One Direction left his beautiful. The only memory he had taken care to leave him? Prada, the cat they adopted together in November 2013.

Originally, Prada was actually Perrie's gift to Zayn for their engagement. The animal

Avalanche dogs, these rescuers like no other Dogs

Avalanche dogs, these rescuers like no other

The mountain is as beautiful as it is dangerous, especially when winter comes, and with it the risk of snow avalanches. Fortunately, avalanche dogs can find missing persons every year

Dogs, much faster and more efficient than men

Faster and therefore more effective than men, dogs are irreplaceable in situations of extreme urgency such as searching for people buried under the snow

In just a few minutes, they cover areas


Devastated after his cat was killed by a car, he receives the most touching letters

Earlier this year, a resident of Norwich (United Kingdom) lost his cat. A death that broke his heart... and allowed him to meet a person who fell under the spell of his deceased animal.

Scott Ewels is the proud owner of two cat brothers: Bear and Teddy . Adventurers, felines love to walk together in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, one of their last walks was fatal to one of them: Bear got hit by a vehicle. A sudden death that deeply bereaved the young man and

Take your cat spinning... It's good for science!

Your cat is at the heart of scientific concerns in 2015-2016: your mission if you accept it will be to spy on and report its hunting behaviors!
The idea comes from the Natural History Museum, for the needs of a project aiming at study the hunting behavior of domestic cats, understand the link between the cat and wildlife and measure the impact on biodiversity

Based on the observation that cats occupy the position # 1 of domestic animals , with 13 million

Is your cat going to live old?

This is the question that researchers have asked Americans earlier this month. Here are the factors established by them, that you must know and that will make you say that your cat will live a long time...

Like us, our beloved kitties are getting older. While it is not always easy to determine what signs indicate normal or alarming aging, veterinary experts from the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery

Need to relax? Try kittens therapy

It's the end of the week, it's raining, it's cold, and all you dream of is a moment of pure relaxation! And if you tested kittens therapy ?

Their gentle purring, soothing presence; the benefits of the tomcats on our morale are no longer to prove, and that is why the firm Purina Tidy Cats has partnered with the agency SoulPancake to make the clip Therapy by kittens: the treatment against stress

During the summer, a bubble was installed in downtown Lo

A new companion for the famous Hachiko dog

Since 1948, a statue with the effigy of the dog Hachiko, known worldwide for its incredible fidelity to his master , whose return he has waited in vain until his last breath, was erected in front of Shibuya station in Tokyo.

Every day, the users of the station can remember the beautiful and sad story of this Akita Inu having spent 10 years waiting for the return of his human, a university professor unfortunately died in March 1935 of an intracerebr

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A dog, an orphan way, and a story worthy of a Christmas tale!

Here is a story worthy of a tale made in Disney! So imagine a dog loving for an orphan fawn , and that - that gives even more charm to this beautiful story - in a culture of Christmas trees.

The bitch Carla wandered through the Black Forest with his mistress Helga Kuderer, who owns a farm and nursery near Durbach, in southwestern Germany, when a young fawn appeared. The wild animal could have run away, but he did not do anything about it. Not feeling thre

10 Dogs already ready to celebrate Christmas!

Christmas, it's right in a month! Are you impatient? These dogs too!

Ah, Christmas! Its trees, its magic, its decorations and this great family spirit... Every year, we look forward to this event and when the D-day gets closer, we hasten to make the most of this period a little "out of time"

And if Christmas is certainly a human holiday, it is not less pleasant for our dogs! The proof in pictures:

1. Everyone's sock!

Try the Petsafe EasySport Harness for free!

Fall is fast approaching and with him long walks in the forest! And if you enjoy the new season to offer a new harness to your dog? This week, Conso Animo, the first pet product review and testing site, offers you the opportunity to receive a free PetSafe® EasySport ™ Harness !

With its elasticated neckline and full padding, this harness adapts to the anatomy of your dog, regardless of breed and

Are the French good masters for their dogs? Progress to be made!

"The French have many improvements to optimize and harmonize their relationship with their pet ": Richard Setterwall, the CEO of, says after a survey on how cares dog owners in four countries Europeans: Spain, England, France and Italy

Shorter walks for French dogs

The study was conducted among 5000 people, and it seems that we still have some progress to make compared to our neighbors... In terms of outings including...

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After the hell of the labs, a happy ending for these mice and rabbits

They knew only the worst of the Humanity. But thanks to the talent of an Italian photographer who officiates as a volunteer in the refuge that saved them, these rodents and other lagomorphs see again a future where only the best is possible...

Their life before freedom? The labs, their tests and their cruelty. Before being rescued and made safe by La Collina dei Conigli, these rabbits, rats, mice and guinea pigs indeed underwent the experiments of the Man. Today out of the