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She accuses a microchip of causing the cancer of her cat
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No, cats are not the kings of the world, it's a cockatoo that proves it! (Video of the day)
A killer of cats prowling in the south of France, an association goes up in the niche

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The cat against Piñata (Video of the day) Cats

The cat against Piñata (Video of the day)

Cinco de Mayo (May 5) is a national holiday in Mexico. Everyone celebrates it in its own way, and the traditional piñata that has to be banged with sticks to get the treats out is often in the game.

Charlie the cat also wants to be the part. Charlie is a refuge cat that his master, Sean, adopted as he was about to be euthanized.

To celebrate last year at his side and the Cinco de Mayo, Sean made him a homemade piñata, filled with

Two Bitches Save Their Puppies at Risk for Their Own Lives Dogs

Two Bitches Save Their Puppies at Risk for Their Own Lives

In a collaborative effort, Animal League America, Martinsville SCPA and Rockingham County Animal Shelter have recently saved the lives of many defenseless animals and detained in unsanitary conditions. Among them were Mindy, Lucy and their 7 puppies...

Thirteen animals were rescued from an unhealthy house in Reidsville. In the lot were Mindy and Lucy, two chihuahas moms, accompanied by their 7 cubs. If the puppies survived this terrible mishap, it is thanks to their mothers who <

Launch of Affinity Foundation: finally a foundation to promote animal mediation! Dogs

Launch of Affinity Foundation: finally a foundation to promote animal mediation!

Numerous studies have demonstrated the benefits provided by the animal on the man, and this is the reason why animal mediation and pet therapy have been developing for the past few years. With this in mind, Affinity Petcare, one of Europe's leading companies in the cat and dog food market, has chosen to promote them through the Affinity Foundation.

"Man and dog live together for many centuries, and with domestication, their relationship has been built on affection, complicity and

The employees of a bus station had a wonderful idea to help stray dogs... Dogs

The employees of a bus station had a wonderful idea to help stray dogs...

In Brazil, in the city of Curitiba, stray dogs now have a place where they can spend peaceful nights!

Away from the hustle and bustle From the dangers of the street, stray dogs can find in Curitiba, and more precisely in Barreirinha, a cozy little nest. This is a bus station whose employees had the brilliant idea of ​​providing them with comfortable beds.

Best Animal Videos of the Week Cats

Best Animal Videos of the Week

Missed animal videos the funniest, cute and touching of the week? Do not worry, there's still time to discover them!

Small catch-up session with the best videos of cats and dogs published this week on AllCreatureAnimalClinic:

The frantic race of Walter, a dog who loves the sea more

If GoPro has just launched his dog harness, Walter's master did not wait to fix the famous little camera on the back of his dog and film his crazy adventures

A kitten plays the harp (Video of the day) Cats

A kitten plays the harp (Video of the day)

Today, we are dedicating the video of the day to sleep .

First of all, let's start with our kitten harp invisible who has made buzz on the Internet in recent weeks

Scatter his belly while he falls asleep and he'll be ready to dedicate you a beautiful imaginary melody !

And what about the lapereau

second video? Fo

This rescue dog has a technique of his own to get off the ski slopes! (Video of the day) Dogs

This rescue dog has a technique of his own to get off the ski slopes! (Video of the day)

As spring is fast approaching, an avalanche dog has took advantage of the last moments of snow to hit the slopes in the most funny way...

Between two rescues, the mountain dogs know how to relax better than anyone. As evidence Truckee, the companion of the first aid-tracker Chris Child. Taking advantage of the last moments of powder at the Heavenly Mountain station in California (USA), he gave a very special little lesson in skiing to whoever wanted to watch it, as shown in this

Hemorrhages of the uterus in the bitch Dogs

Hemorrhages of the uterus in the bitch

It is a question of describing the blood losses independent of the normal cycle, which have nothing to do with blood loss during the warm-up period preceding the heat.

These blood losses are usually caused by a malfunction of the ovaries, and more specifically by tumors that bleed or disrupt hormonal secretion.

Again, only the ch Irrigation solves the problem. Of course, one should not wait until the general condition of the dog is degraded to perform the surgery.



9 Evidence that the cat is the nicest animal in the world

No, cats are not heartless beings as we can please believe him. We reveal you another facet of their character, in 9 photos:

You are not without knowing that the dog is the best of the Man... and other animals. But know also that the cat is not left behind!

1. The cat never hesitates to cuddle his master

2. The cat always has something to make you smile

Disfigured with acid, this miraculous cat escaped

Victim of human cruelty last summer while wandering the streets of Burbank (California), this cat was doomed to die. But with the help of good Samaritans and associations in the big heart, a miracle happened. He is now out of the woods.

Human stupidity and wickedness have - once again - been pushed to their climax. Last June, a woman used to feeding stray cats in her neighborhood discovered - mewing in pain - a seriously wounded feline whose face was half burned with acid. More e

Very rare, this albino kitten is looking for its new family

Moonbeam is the only one of its scope to be born with this genetic disease that affects its coat and his skin. Today, this adorable white ball of hair is waiting to be adopted.

Albinism is a genetic disease that affects the production of melanin that causes skin, hair and hair coloring. iris. If it is well known in humans, it also affects animals, with the same degree of rarity. In cats, it concerns about 2% of the population . That's why Moonbeam is so special

What happens when a kitten meets a photographer?

You too think it's way too hot to work, and even to just think? We have exactly what it takes to relax without having to do anything other than sitting in front of your screen and raving in front of an almost unbelievable degree of cuteness!

A meeting as adorable as memorable

Mitsuaki Iwago is a photographer and director. While filming on Okinawa Island for the NHK television company to film stray cats as part of a documentary series filmed around the world

Tired of a cat, two men shoot in it as if it were "a football"

June 2015, two Italians living in Saint-Nicolas (Belgium) preferred cruelty to common sense to take a neighbor's cat out of the garage of one of them. Judged definitively on February 28, they are fined and hours of community service.

Human stupidity, once again at its peak. "The beast was flying against the walls, it looked like a balloon, it was really a game for them," said a witness of the horror scene that took place on June 24, 2015 in the garage of a house of St. Nicholas,

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When 600 Corgis get together on the beach, what does it give?

How not to like Corgis, those balls of short hair so crispy feet in all circumstances and especially when they move their butt? Even the Queen of England is crazy and has never lived without her string of Welsh Corgis around her.

But it's in the United States, California, that every year lovers of this breed of dog meet with their four-legged companions for a giant party on the beach, So Cal Corgi Beach Day .

A dog teaches a baby how to crawl (Video of the day)

Not easy to learn to move when you are a baby. Fortunately, some are lucky to have excellent teachers on their side! This is the case of this little girl, who is trying to crawl but is not yet fully developed. She can then count on the precious help of Buddy, the dog of the family.

Seeing her little mistress struggling, the nice dog decides to encourage by starting to crawl to show him the example

No doubt, with a teacher so devote

Sticky kitten, and Pug very patient (Video of the day)

If we often boast patience and indifference of which cats are capable, here is the proof that these characteristics are not reserved for our only feline companions.

Dogs can also be extremely calm, like this Carlin endowed with an impressive patience !

Faced with the onslaught of his good player and invading roommate, the dog remains of marble , like a big brother could be with the unbearable child!

No, Mr. Carlin

A puppy finds his mother after 4 months of separation...

The video more than a million people have already been touched by this reunion.

The images of dogs finding their masters after weeks of separation are flourishing on the canvas, but this type of meeting is much less frequent...

Adopted at 11 weeks, the adorable Harper leaves to live in his new family. The small animal is then, like most canines, separated from his mother. Her teachers, however, decide that this is unfair and that their companion deserves to vis

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After the hell of the labs, a happy ending for these mice and rabbits

They knew only the worst of the Humanity. But thanks to the talent of an Italian photographer who officiates as a volunteer in the refuge that saved them, these rodents and other lagomorphs see again a future where only the best is possible...

Their life before freedom? The labs, their tests and their cruelty. Before being rescued and made safe by La Collina dei Conigli, these rabbits, rats, mice and guinea pigs indeed underwent the experiments of the Man. Today out of the